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Beautiful Things for Beautiful People.


About Created By Abra


        Created by Abra is an accessory, apparel, and textile design company.  It was founded in 2019, headquartered in Lake City, South Carolina. Every product has a pattern or design that was created by the owner, Abra, the patterns and designs are made with Adinkra symbols, which represent aphorisms, created during the Ashanti Empire in West Africa. Each design has a positive meaning or purpose. 

                                                                          A Message from the Owner 

        My goal is to encourage  my customers to carry their purpose and positivity with them. I strive to educate people about the beautiful meanings of the symbols I use and their origins. I also want to share my unique voice through positive energy and culture representation. As a US based artist  want to celebrate the shared culture of Black Americans and our ancestors. I create Beautiful things for Beautiful People. 


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